Get control back on your meetings. It's about time.

You have a lot of meetings on a lot of topics. You don't have time to prepare them so they end up not being so valuable to you. Hera got your back and removes the homework from the equation to stay on top of your meetings.

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Never join a meeting without the right context

You have weekly meetings, recurring 1o1s and initiatives spanning over several months. Most meetings have history, and should not start from a blank page.

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  • Fast tracked meeting preparation

    Be 10x more relevant in your upcoming meeting by leveraging what happened in the past and adding context useful to the discussion.

  • Blazing fast note taking experience

    Mark highlights and next actions, and make sure the right topics are covered. Without leaving your keyboard.

  • Works with the tools you use

    Push your meeting's key outcomes to where you'll need them (Asana, Google Docs, Todoist, Notion...)

40+ individuals decided to take control back on their meetings and joined our private beta.

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